Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Copley Square: a nice place to work

Walking in the streets of Boston in a nice sunny but windy afternoon, I find myself in Copley Square a beautiful place where you can find the Trinity Church, Boston Public Library, hotels and a series of nice cafes and stores. I will have to say I would never imagine that this would make a great place to work as Denise Karras think.  Denise a 18 year old girl from Melford, Massachusetts who comes to Boston for a summer job until she goes to California for college to become a nurse. You can find her in St. James Avenue and Dartmouth in a slush cart and for those of you, like me who doesn’t know what is a slush is a mixture of sugar syrup and water, the water is  very cold but not frozen.

“It’s great in the summer a lot of heat, but that is just what makes this a great business. Plus I can eat all the slush I want” said Denise. Her principal clients are the tourist so like them she won’t be here in September.  One of the appeal s of her work is that she gets to meet a lot of people, although she doesn’t get many rest because is very busy except when the wind like today, scares the costumers.

Copley Square is a strategic point because in spite that is less crowded than other places like the Common , the people there are more generous with the tip. Denise thinks is because of the nice hotels and pricey cafes. 

In the long hours she worked there she’s been witness of a lot of different things from flash mobs and parades to people giving away funny hats and the fireworks of the 4th of July.  “We can choose our location but I pick here because, it’s beautiful I have the park, the library in another place maybe I would be in the subway” she said to me. I can understand her, working in such a beautiful place like she says, is a privilege.

In Copley square you will find a lovely plaza in the heart of a busy area a mixture of the historic and the modern. There is a good variety of stores, restaurants, and is just 2 blocks away from the Prudential Center and the Public Garden.  

This why Denise doesn’t mind to ride the subway for more than 50 minutes and work from 10.30 to 7.30 , this is a very different job of what she has back at home. In the rest of the year she works in a preschool helping the teachers take care of the children. She has to pay $1100 dlls. to the city to be there, so the pay can’t be very bad.

This is a place you can’t miss if you are in Boston. It can get crowded but it’s a place worth watching. In the winter you won’t find Denise but you will find winter festivities and some ice sculptures.  So any time you are in Boston give it an opportunity you won’t regret it. And of course if you go in the summer time, go and say hi to Denise. 

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